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Trained on LLD, Safety norms, Threat Detection, Unarmed combat, Escalation matrix, Route map, Emergency handlings, Emergency contact, Web Interface monitoring system, women & Safety. Escort Services has years of Experience in Security coordination and transporting of VIPS or assets and valuable commodities. We hear a lot daily about Armed Robberies, Hijackings, and Crime. So it is very important to hire reputed and reliable Escort Security Services for the Safety of VIPs or Assets. Our Security Personnel has extensive training and can respond immediately to any situation Plain clothed or Uniformed Executive Protection Officers, Officers with extensive background checks and rigorous training programs.

We offer Escort Services in South India to assist in transporting VIPs or other Important Individuals to their destinations safely. Whether you are going/coming from the Airport or going to attend an event or want Security wherever you go, our Escort services will take care of your safety. We escort our clients with Motorcades (either in Bikes/Cars) for transportation from one place to another. Our security personnel will Escort clients by going along with clients on bikes or cars or by foot, depending on the requirement.

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